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What Your TMS Should Provide

3PL Perspectives Robert Walters | FREIGHT MANAGEMENT THE TRANSPORTATION AND logistics world is abuzz with the need for ever stronger and more diverse transportation management systems (TMS). This is apparently true for small and large shippers alike. And in today’s world of diverse rates worldwide shipping operations, both inbound and outbound, the need grows stronger each year. 100+ FREIGHT INTERMEDIARIES ...

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LTL Tech: More Accessible, More Profitable

The lure of free next-day and two-day delivery has changed replenishment dramatically in favor of LTL service over FTL. But issues with pricing and volume between 3PLs and FTLs have spurred the creation of new technology that levels the playing field.

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Six Surprising Tech Apps and Tools for 3PLs

For logistics , disruption is the name of the game, and while customer relationships are always priority No. 1, the need for speed in booking loads means that implementing new technology is running a close second.

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Boost Efficiency by Automating Telephone Use

Hundreds of phone calls are made every day to drivers, carriers, customers and more. Saving even a few seconds on each of those calls creates a significant time savings over the course of a week, a month and a year.

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Modern-Day Romance: How TMS Technology Plays Cupid

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MANAGING ALL THE DATA YOU NEED TO BETTER MANAGE CARRIERS Bob Davidek | 3GTMS In the late 1980s, Microsoft Excel replaced legal pads, notebooks and Rolodexes as the go-to product for brokers to use when managing carrier relationships. But the newfound spreadsheets did not solve the recurring data problems that were causing distrust between brokers and carriers. The inaccuracy and ...

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New Tech to Build Freight Lanes in Future

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Aaron Huff | Commercial Carrier Journal Increasingly, the trends in transportation technology are being driven by e-commerce and the “Amazon Effect.” Transportation companies are investing in new IT systems to fulfill orders with compressed lead times and higher service requirements. AFN Logistics, a Chicago-based 3PL that specializes in supply chain fulfillment for major retailers, is using technology to thrive in ...

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Brokers Turn to Technology to Maximize Truckload Capacity

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Mark Cubine | McLeod Software Brokers are tapping into data and technology to harvest more truckload capacity during the work day, creating a win-win solution for all parties within the supply chain and making brokers more competitive. “We have to document capacity, know it is there and proactively reach out to carriers before they reach out to our competition,” said ...

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The Rules of The Road: Avoiding Ambiguity in Documenting Your Load


James W. Kelly, II | Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP Eric Arling | Integrity Express Logistics, LLC Everybody knows the drill. You finally get a shot at a load by a prospect you have been calling for months. You agree on a rate, find a qualified carrier, and you are off! If only it were that simple. When time ...

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