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Supply Chain Integration: How API-Led Connectivity Is Transforming the Logistics Industry

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Eric Rempel | REDWOOD LOGISTICS In the logistics world, real-time information provides the ultimate advantage. This is especially true for third party logistics (3PL) providers who specialize in improving efficiencies across the supply chain. The demand for granular supply chain visibility, from the moment a shipment leaves a warehouse until it’s placed on the shelf at a local store, continues ...

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What Is the Port-to-Store Movement – and Why Should You Pay Attention?

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FAQs Answered Shawntell Kroese | LOUP LOGISTICS In the culinary world, the farm-to-table movement is the latest trend. But for 3PLs, the “port-to-store” movement is the trend to watch. What is port-to-store? And why should you care? Let’s answer these and the other most frequently asked questions about the movement. What Is “Port–to-Store”? Port–to-store is the management and visibility of ...

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