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Going Beyond Commissions Part 4: MBOs & Gainsharing Measures

While non-sales and operational roles may have lower prominence regarding company profitability, Beth Carroll of Prosperio Group discusses the influence these positions have on business outcomes and how individual and collective project measures may be a better choice for rewarding these roles.

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How Should I Pay Support Roles?

Organization support roles – think IT or Accounting – are as deserving of incentive pay as the company’s production teams. But exactly what types of incentives work best for this group of employees?

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What Makes Incentive Compensation Work?

Beth Carroll | Prosperio Group There are many different ways to compensate and reward employees: commissions, goal-based incentives, bounties, MBOs, time-off, pizza parties, etc. In some organizations a pure commission model works the best, whereas in others a goal-based incentive model works best. What makes the difference? How can one be “right” for one organization and another right for a ...

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