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Celebrating Cyber Awareness

  Graham Gonzales | RELIANCE PARTNERS OCTOBER IS CYBERSECURITY Awareness Month, which has never been more applicable to the transportation industry than it is today. The digital world hasn’t been as kind to every industry. There was never an invitation for the transportation industry to join, though it was pushed in this direction as transportation technology players continued to emerge. ...

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Contracts, Processes & Controls for Sharing Data

3PL Perspectives Alex Hamerstone | TRUSTEDSEC IT IS EASY to become overwhelmed with all the latest cybersecurity products and information, but the good news is that many of the basic things organizations can do are also the most impactful. It is, however, important to mention that many things that are simple in concept can be complex in their execution. Requirements ...

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Best Practices for Preventing Email Cyberthreats

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PART III IN A THREE-PART SERIES FOCUSED ON CYBERSECURITY Chuck Cook | RenovoData Two articles in recent issues of 3PL Perspectives outlined the challenges posed by email phishing attacks. The first described the most prevalent types of threats and the second explained how to identify them. This article illustrates the best practices for protecting 3PLs and trucking companies from those attacks. ...

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Data Privacy Changes on the Horizon

Will Sehestedt | Transportation Intermediaries Association Every business knows that cybersecurity is becoming ever more important as bad actors become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. The risk of attack and victimization by cybercriminals has grown for 3PLs in recent years as logistics providers have closed the “IT Gap” with their shipper customers in recent years and increasingly share communications and ...

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