Freight Tech Changing 3PL Landscape

A swath of heavily funded and formidable companies and scrappy start-ups are all trying to address the massive opportunity that exists around automating the very manual and inefficient process of freight logistics. The technology driving the industry forward is referred to as “freight tech.”

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Boost Efficiency by Automating Telephone Use

Hundreds of phone calls are made every day to drivers, carriers, customers and more. Saving even a few seconds on each of those calls creates a significant time savings over the course of a week, a month and a year.

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The Latest in TMS Brokerage Capabilities

Dave Sapienza | 3Gtms From truer visibility to more flexible routing capabilities, modern transportation management systems (TMS) continue evolving to keep up with industry realities. A TMS for Freight brokerage is no exception; in a world that is so fast paced and competitive, there are many inefficient tasks that take up too much time and brain power in a typical, ...

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We Were Outgunned: Cybercrime Files

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Wade Anderson | Bay & Bay Transportation It was my fourth day of employment as CIO for a 77-year-old family owned transportation company; an industry very new to me. Our modest, but healthy, mid-sized trucking and logistics company Bay & Bay Transportation was hacked in a most heinous way. This is our story. After spending 25 years in industries like ...

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Five Areas to Lock in Customer Value with Real-Time Visibility

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Brian Hodgson | Descartes Systems, LLC Visibility has long been a priority for supply chain teams. In fact, based on the Descartes 2018 Annual Transportation Benchmark Survey, 67 percent of shippers ranked visibility as a critical capability for effective operations. For logistics service providers (LSP), providing visibility has gone from being a competitive advantage to being expected in order to ...

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Modern-Day Romance: How TMS Technology Plays Cupid

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MANAGING ALL THE DATA YOU NEED TO BETTER MANAGE CARRIERS Bob Davidek | 3GTMS In the late 1980s, Microsoft Excel replaced legal pads, notebooks and Rolodexes as the go-to product for brokers to use when managing carrier relationships. But the newfound spreadsheets did not solve the recurring data problems that were causing distrust between brokers and carriers. The inaccuracy and ...

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