Business Management

4 Keys to Forecasting Accurate Freight Rates

Ken Adamo | Chief of Analytics, DAT IN PRICING, THERE’S A “ZONE OF INDIFFERENCE,” which is the range of price points where the buyer will not change a purchase decision. A similar concept applies to forecasts.Predictions don’t need to be perfect. You probably wouldn’t lose faith in a meteorologist if they’re off by a couple of degrees or if a ...

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Stop Calling It a BOC-3

Freight brokers, motor carriers, and domestic freight forwarders facing a jumble of transportation requirements may not be paying attention to all that is behind the industry jargon. Take the BOC-3—perhaps the most misunderstood and least appreciated of them all.

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How to Identify & Convert Spot Opportunities

For brokers, being proactive with your contacts and pre-booking freight are great strategies for growing your business, but additional tactics can build on those relationships and move you to the top of the list for the next bid.

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