Leveraging Technology In Your 3PL Marketing Efforts

James T. Kenny, Ph.D., and Peppi M. Kenny, Ph.D.| WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY In today’s digital-centric environment, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) can’t ignore the importance of technology in their marketing efforts. Although social media is more than two decades old, most marketers will inform you that it really took off in 2006. This was the year Facebook and Twitter became available ...

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Standing Out from the Crowd: Branding in the Logistics Sector

Glenn A. Stebbings | LOGISTIQ Insurance Solutions In this increasingly crowded and digital world, developing a brand name and story that cuts through the clutter has never been more important. That’s true of companies striving to make a difference in most every sector and it’s certainly true of the highly competitive logistics and transportation industries that we call home. The ...

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Three Ways Your Website Could Be Costing You Money and What to Do About It

David Abell | AMT Squirrel Works Your website should be one of your top marketing tools. You utilize it to create inbound sales, attract exciting new leads and communicate your company’s message, vision and goals. That is why periodic assessment of your marketing strategy – what works, what needs improvement, and what can change – is not only necessary but ...

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