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Shippers Need 3PLs to Help Manage Parcel Delivery

Even the most seasoned 3PLs can use some help themselves when it comes to managing the new parcel shipping landscape. The rise of eCommerce has resulted in more frequent and smaller shipments than ever. And it isn’t just eCommerce merchants that are shipping more parcels. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors in just about any industry are being called on to manage ...

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LMS: Embarking on the Labor Management Journey

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Bridget McCrea | Logistics Management The current labor crisis has put a new spin on how logistics professionals are leveraging their labor management systems (LMS) to work more efficiently in today’s e-commerce, omni-channel environment. Survey the business landscape right now and one thing is very clear: finding and keeping quality workers is getting more difficult for companies in all industries. ...

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The 3PL Battle for the Future

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FOUR PRACTICAL WAYS THIRD-PARTY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS CAN FOOLPROOF THEIR BUSINESS Scott McDevitt | Propel Software Solutions “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you are a part of the road,” said author Stewart Brand. The logistics industry, in particular, has seen this play out over the past few years with an influx of ...

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Find Trucks Faster


When You Think Like an Owner-Operator Matt Sullivan| DAT Today’s freight market offers seemingly endless no-contract van, reefer, and flatbed loads to drivers. This has caused brokers to leverage load boards to ensure their freight stays in motion and finds its destination. So what’s the best way to connect to a far more selective pool of drivers in the face ...

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Stop Wasting Time in Brokerage Transactions


Jay Delaney | TMW Systems Time is money. That’s why a brokerage needs to conduct every part of its operation quickly, efficiently and correctly. Laborious manual processes tie up your staff and eat into your profits. So do errors that people need to go back and correct essentially performing the same work twice. In addition, faulty communications can add hours ...

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Transportation Market Continues Hot Streak

Ashley Caloia | Knichel Logistics “I have never seen a market like this in my entire career,” said Kristy Knichel, CEO of Knichel Logistics, summing up the freight market for 2018. Coming from someone with 25 years’ experience in the industry, this speaks volumes. With that in mind, expect these current market conditions to continue well into 2019 and potentially ...

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What Can Learn from Harvey and Irma?

Peggy Dorf | DAT Solutions On Aug. 30, 2017, less than 10 days after Hurricane Harvey made final landfall near Cameron, LA, trucks were moving freight out of southeast Texas with almost the same volume as before the storm. It was an incredible recovery and a testament to the hardworking people who helped restore commercial transportation in one of the ...

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Leveraging Technology In Your 3PL Marketing Efforts

James T. Kenny, Ph.D., and Peppi M. Kenny, Ph.D.| WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY In today’s digital-centric environment, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) can’t ignore the importance of technology in their marketing efforts. Although social media is more than two decades old, most marketers will inform you that it really took off in 2006. This was the year Facebook and Twitter became available ...

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Trends Impacting Your Logistics Operations

Bob Farrell | GlobalTranz The logistics industry is evolving, bringing both risk and opportunity to corporate supply chains. Last year, natural disasters, government regulations and a healthy GDP created challenging capacity and rate conditions. The booming e-commerce space and demand for operational efficiency continues to amplify the need for increased automation and technology. Companies are putting more emphasis on logistics ...

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The Value of Working with Reliable Trust and Bond Providers

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DOUG CLARK | Douglas Clark Consultants The 3PL industry is seeing increased shipper requirements of financial security, and TIA is working to help shippers understand where unreasonable requirements only hurt their bottom line. Some shippers are requiring brokers and forwarders to have bonds or trusts up to $300,000. The benefits to the shipper for such a requirement are unclear: there ...

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