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Strategic Megatrends

A continuation of our discussion on megatrends and the how the Board is developing the strategic plan for Association in 2020.

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Duty of Foresight Continued

A continuing discussion of the duty of foresight, and the adoption of foundational trends and megatrends in shaping the future of the Association.

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Duty of Foresight

Ever business, including trade associations like TIA, wants to stay in business. But, like most of life, “wishing don’t make it so.”

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The Importance of USMCA

The new USMCA trade agreement meets the challenge of an always-on digital economy and is of paramount importance for ensuring that all businesses have access to critically important trade partners.

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Helping Each Other Succeed

From the very beginnings of our industry, it has been the members themselves who have come together to help one another "do the business the right way."

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Surprising Trends in Length of Haul


The explanations for the shortening LOHs are varied – closer distribution points, the loss of volume to intermodal, and the shift from West to East Coast importing – and deserve closer scrutiny.

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