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A Brief History of TIA

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Stephanie Mansfield | Transportation Intermediaries Association The year was 1978. A gallon of gas was 63 cents. Pet Rocks were all the rage, postage stamps were 15 cents and a movie ticket would set you back a mere $2.30 apiece. It was also the year the Transportation Intermediaries Association was born. Originally known as TBCA (Trans-portation Brokers Conference of America), ...

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Ethics Has Always Been a Cornerstone of TIA

Robert Voltmann President & CEO Transportation Intermediaries Association One of the hallmarks of being a TIA member is your commitment to ethics. TIA has one of the only codes of ethics in the transportation industry. It means that the TIA logo is earned, never given. Occasionally, however, disputes arise – that’s why we have an Ethics Committee. An article in ...

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TIA Board of Directors Decision on Appeal of TIA Ethics Case

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The TIA Ethics Committee issued decision 18-16 on a complaint brought by MEMBER 1 (MEMBER 1) v. MEMBER 2 (MEMBER 2). In the decision, the TIA Ethics Committee dismissed the complaint and found that MEMBER 2 had not violated the TIA Code of Ethics. On July 13, MEMBER 1 appealed the decision of the Ethics Committee to the Board of ...

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Five Ways to Get Involved with TIA

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Chris Burroughs  | Transportation Intermediaries Association “Isn’t just being a TIA member enough?” or “I don’t have the time or the money to get involved.” These are common responses association members provide for not becoming more involved. Fortunately, TIA offers its members many opportunities to shape the direction of the Association and get the most out of their membership dollars. ...

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Beardall, Hood to Keynote 3PL Technovations

Jason Beardall, President, England Logistics Ramona Hood, Vice President, FedEx Supply Chain England Logistics provides non-asset transportation solutions through six business segments and is among the largest and most diverse third-party logistics (3PL) companies in the world. Jason Beardall has served in various positions with England Logistics, including Brokerage Sales Manager, Director of Brokerage Services, Vice President of Sales and Business Development and Vice ...

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Are You Certifiable?

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Sweating It Out to Become Best in Class Stephanie Mansfield | Transportation Intermediaries Association It was IN a crowded bar at the Outback Steakhouse in Lewisville, TX, where 37-year-old Cori Eckley’s life changed for good – and it wasn’t discovering the Kookaburra Wings. Although she had 15 years’ experience in the industry, she had put off taking the Certified Transportation ...

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Robert Voltmann  President & CEO Transportation Intermediaries Association Every business leader knows that you can never really get away. You can’t leave your phone at home, ignore email, and escape to a desert island without internet for two weeks. As a business owner or leader, there are things that you must take care of. But, there is great value in ...

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