Stuck in the Middle

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The Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) of 2011 regulated the transportation of human animal food products. An ever-changing food transportation landscape prompts a fresh look at just how those regulations apply.

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What You Need to Know When Changing 3PL Providers

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Jeff Jones | Saddle Creek Logistics Services The decision to change your 3PL provider should not be taken lightly, but sometimes it can be the most effective way to move your business forward. Thinking about making a change? The following guidelines may be helpful in considering why, when and how to switch your 3PL. Why Change Providers? Whether you’re considering ...

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Defend Yourself Against Improper LTL Carrier Freight Charge Adjustments

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Paul Benfer, CTB | Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, LLC In my role as a third-party logistics provider I administer customer LTL programs in the United States and Canada. My company is also an agent for one of the larger, web-based LTL Transportation Management System (TMS) providers. LTL freight is the majority of my business, but it just isn’t that much fun ...

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Deciphering the Motor Carrier Rating: What Does It All Mean?

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John Seidl | Reliance Partners Motor Carriers can often find themselves in a frustrating scenario trying to defend why they do not have a current “SATISFACTORY” safety rating. It is understandable to question a motor carrier’s safety rating when they are currently “CONDITIONAL” or even “UNSATISFACTORY.” However, a non-rated motor carrier is often put in a position of defense when ...

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Theft Trends and Risk Mitigation

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Jaki Ferenz | Avalon Risk Management Criminals continue targeting the transportation industry as more trucks and freight travel across North America than ever before. Containers are raided, trucks disappear from rest stops, and drivers can be hijacked at gunpoint. Today’s offenders also constantly develop new techniques to counter fraud prevention and advanced security methods. Yet the statistics are everywhere – ...

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Love on the Run

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Shelli Austin | INTEK FREIGHT & LOGISTICS, INC. Love it or loath it. For most of my life, I considered Valentine’s Day one of the most useless holidays and nothing more than a crafty ploy for the retail industry to guilt people into spending more money. However, when thinking about the holiday in a logistics industry sense, my professional opinion ...

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