TIA Stands Against Human Trafficking

Partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking and signing onto the DOT’s Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking Initiative, TIA stands firm in its commitment to combat human trafficking.

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Stop Calling It a BOC-3

Freight brokers, motor carriers, and domestic freight forwarders facing a jumble of transportation requirements may not be paying attention to all that is behind the industry jargon. Take the BOC-3—perhaps the most misunderstood and least appreciated of them all.

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The Long, Complex Journey of Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

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Scott Alan Case | Position: Global A ring of the doorbell. A knock at the door. A co-worker delivering them to your desk. The flowers you receive for Valentine’s Day have most likely taken a long ride from South America, or Spain or perhaps even from Africa. The question is: do you know how it happens? Beginning in lush fields ...

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The Escalating Trade War


WHAT 3PLS NEED TO KNOW Steve Kendall | ALLEN LUND COMPANY In the most straight-forward terms, tariffs are taxes on imports charged as a percentage of the price a buyer pays to the foreign source of the product. For almost a century in the United States tariffs produced as much as 90 percent of our nation’s federal revenue. However, this ...

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Avoiding the Pinch on Cross-Border Shipments Between Canada and the US

Gordon Hearn | Fernandes Hearn LLP American and Canadian motor carrier cargo liability rules are similar in most respects. But one fundamental difference concerns motor carrier limitation of liability for cargo loss or damage. The scenario addressed below reveals how an unwary “cross border” freight broker might inadvertently be left “holding the bag” for the difference between the amount of ...

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Mexico Insecurity: Turning a Threat into an Opportunity

Roxana Osuna | ILS Company Mexico is one of the most important markets in Latin America due to its size, development and total demand, with foreign direct investments for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and other big manufacturing companies arriving every year. In 2016, imports into Mexico from the U.S. accounted for 46 percent of Mexico’s trade while 81 percent of ...

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