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How to Help Minimize Workplace Gossip

Amy Marcum | Insperity Occasional office gossip may begin as an innocent “Did you hear?” conversation over lunch, but regardless of intent, spreading rumors can do more harm than good in the workplace. Gossip can harm office morale and productivity, or even potentially damage someone’s reputation with false information. Many employees may be able to recall a time when they ...

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Employee Productivity: Emphasizing the Human Side

When economists talk about productivity gains in the workplace, they are speaking primarily about the impact of automation and other applications of technology. In other words, how much more output is being achieved by the same number of, or fewer, employees.

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To Compete or Non-Compete

The use of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements by 3PLs is common, but in an industry where turn-over can be high, and protection of confidential and proprietary information vital, it's important that the employment agreements utilized in the industry reflect the ever-changing landscape of restrictive covenants.

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It’s a New Year – What Should You Do with Your Incentive Compensation Plans?

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Beth Carroll | Prosperio Group Your first option is, of course, nothing. You may be under the impression that if you didn’t change your incentive compensation plans before January 1 you’re pretty much stuck with them for the full year, right? Wrong. There is no “magic” to January 1, though any compensation consultant will tell you their busiest season is ...

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LMS: Embarking on the Labor Management Journey

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Bridget McCrea | Logistics Management The current labor crisis has put a new spin on how logistics professionals are leveraging their labor management systems (LMS) to work more efficiently in today’s e-commerce, omni-channel environment. Survey the business landscape right now and one thing is very clear: finding and keeping quality workers is getting more difficult for companies in all industries. ...

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