Business Management

Productivity: Blessing or Curse

The ongoing digital productivity revolution within the supply chain will change the face of our industry and many of the jobs in it. So just how do we deal with the “creative destruction” that arises from these changes?

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The Economics of Sales Commissions for Freight Brokers: Part 1

Many well-managed businesses still have a somewhat myopic view of sales commissions. Prosperio Group founding partner and compensation strategist, Beth Carroll, discusses three basic methods of compensation, that when combined offer up to nine different methods for calculating commission payments.

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The Transport Navigator The Early Twenties: the Last Cycle

While optimists point out strong consumer spending, pessimists note a marked slowdown globally in capital spending and manufacturing. These two “last cycle” harbingers of economic downturn beg the question, When will the shoe drop, and how far will it go this time?

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