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Know Before You Grow: Proprietary Transportation Systems and Open-Source Software Risk

Jonathan Todd and Justin Clark | BENESCH, FRIEDLANDER, COPLAN & ARONOFF We live in an era of gig economies and e-commerce, where supply chains evolve before our eyes due to the speed of technological innovation. All transportation and logistics services are under pressure to deliver highly analytic, data-rich solutions in addition to freight. The challenge to gain an advantage through information ...

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Risky Business: Three Ways to Mitigate Transportation Liability


Jay Jeannotte and Billy Worthington | FALVEY SHIPPERS INSURANCE As a third-party logistics (3PL) company or broker, you’re in a unique position to help educate shippers on transportation best practices. You have the expertise and access to keep all parties informed. Aside from being good business, this will strengthen your professional relationships and protect your own company from liability. Here ...

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Maintaining Profitability Through Capacity Challenges

Andrew Gulovsen | TRANSTRATEGY PARTNERS Too often, pricing increases approved by shippers lag well behind transportation costs paid by brokers to the providers of capacity. Ultimately, broker profitability suffers. This is due to a number of factors: fear of customer attrition, lack of preparation in client communication and/or a poor carrier development and relationship program. Each of these factors alone ...

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Is There a New Normal or Just Business As Usual?


Gail Rutkowski | NATIONAL SHIPPERS STRATEGIC TRANSPORTATION COUNCIL We’ve heard it called all kinds of names; “The Perfect Storm,” the “New Normal,” “Predictable Surprises,” and the “Frankenstorm,” but what are we really dealing with now? Is this the capacity crunch to end all capacity crunches? Maybe, or maybe it is just a natural turn of events based on decisions and ...

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TIA Members Gather in California for Annual Conference

Nick Baker | Transportation Intermediaries association Nearly 1,300 logistics professionals and 90 exhibitors flocked to sunny, southern California for the 2018 TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition, held in Palm Desert, CA, April 8-11. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Coachella Valley, the conference kicked off Sunday, April 8 with a golf outing, pre-conference sessions, a newcomer’s orientation, networking ...

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Joined at the Hip with Your Software-As-A-Service Provider

Solcan Design/Shutterstock

Murray Pratt | TAILWIND TRANSPORTATION SOFTWARE You recall those three-legged races? Perhaps it was at a picnic, a company ‘team building,’ or a track day in primary school. You and your race partner had one ankle tied to the adjacent ankle of the other. You first had to decide who was on the left and who was on the right. ...

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Finding the Right Insurance Coverage

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Adam Green and Brian Dreher | INTEGRO USA INC. Like many companies, freight brokers purchase insurance coverage each year to protect their operations and meet customer requirements. Getting the best solution for your needs starts in a place you might not expect; rather than focusing your search around price, begin by identifying your chief concerns and objectives and then design ...

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Blockchain Brings New Capabilities, but Proceed with Caution


Chuck Cook | RenovoData The technology known as blockchain is generating a lot of buzz, but it is not very well understood. Developed in 2008 to support the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain is an update of the old mutually distributed ledger (MDL) products that were too clumsy to ever find wide acceptance. Now vendors are offering blockchain-type products for many applications ...

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Joint Employment: What TIA Members Need to Know

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Will Sehestedt | TRANSPORTATION INTERMEDIARIES ASSOCIATION The Trump Administration has placed a premium on encouraging business growth by cutting red tape and eliminating or clarifying burdensome regulations. One of the top regulatory priorities for TIA and other interest groups has been the reversal of a 2015 ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which blurred the lines for employers ...

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Avoiding Traps in Termination and Common Separation Pitfalls

Jennifer B. Dunsizer and James W. Kelly, II |  Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP Unfortunately, sometimes an employer needs to end an employment relationship. In many situations, it is in the best interests of the parties to enter into an agreement that defines the terms of the separation. Whether called a “separation agreement,” “severance agreement,” “retirement agreement,” or any ...

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