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No One Loves 3PLs More Than TIA

Robert Voltmann President & CEO Transportation Intermediaries Association In this issue of 3PL Perspectives, we look at the logistics of love. How our industry moves 110 million roses to market in a 3-day period and delivers 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate just in time for Valentine’s Day. Every single leg of that journey depends on a reliable supply chain, ...

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LMS: Embarking on the Labor Management Journey

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Bridget McCrea | Logistics Management The current labor crisis has put a new spin on how logistics professionals are leveraging their labor management systems (LMS) to work more efficiently in today’s e-commerce, omni-channel environment. Survey the business landscape right now and one thing is very clear: finding and keeping quality workers is getting more difficult for companies in all industries. ...

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Deciphering the Motor Carrier Rating: What Does It All Mean?

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John Seidl | Reliance Partners Motor Carriers can often find themselves in a frustrating scenario trying to defend why they do not have a current “SATISFACTORY” safety rating. It is understandable to question a motor carrier’s safety rating when they are currently “CONDITIONAL” or even “UNSATISFACTORY.” However, a non-rated motor carrier is often put in a position of defense when ...

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“It Was a Very Good Year”

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COURTS SIDE WITH 3PLS OVER AGGRESSIVE PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS IN TWO RULINGS Marc S. Blubaugh | Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP Frank Sinatra certainly was not thinking about 3PLs when singing this Grammy-winning song back in 1966. However, the song’s title definitely resonates for 3PLs in 2018. In addition to capitalizing on the robust economy, 3PLs now also have ...

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The Long, Complex Journey of Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

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Scott Alan Case | Position: Global A ring of the doorbell. A knock at the door. A co-worker delivering them to your desk. The flowers you receive for Valentine’s Day have most likely taken a long ride from South America, or Spain or perhaps even from Africa. The question is: do you know how it happens? Beginning in lush fields ...

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Five Areas to Lock in Customer Value with Real-Time Visibility

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Brian Hodgson | Descartes Systems, LLC Visibility has long been a priority for supply chain teams. In fact, based on the Descartes 2018 Annual Transportation Benchmark Survey, 67 percent of shippers ranked visibility as a critical capability for effective operations. For logistics service providers (LSP), providing visibility has gone from being a competitive advantage to being expected in order to ...

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Modern-Day Romance: How TMS Technology Plays Cupid

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MANAGING ALL THE DATA YOU NEED TO BETTER MANAGE CARRIERS Bob Davidek | 3GTMS In the late 1980s, Microsoft Excel replaced legal pads, notebooks and Rolodexes as the go-to product for brokers to use when managing carrier relationships. But the newfound spreadsheets did not solve the recurring data problems that were causing distrust between brokers and carriers. The inaccuracy and ...

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Theft Trends and Risk Mitigation

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Jaki Ferenz | Avalon Risk Management Criminals continue targeting the transportation industry as more trucks and freight travel across North America than ever before. Containers are raided, trucks disappear from rest stops, and drivers can be hijacked at gunpoint. Today’s offenders also constantly develop new techniques to counter fraud prevention and advanced security methods. Yet the statistics are everywhere – ...

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Love on the Run

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Shelli Austin | INTEK FREIGHT & LOGISTICS, INC. Love it or loath it. For most of my life, I considered Valentine’s Day one of the most useless holidays and nothing more than a crafty ploy for the retail industry to guilt people into spending more money. However, when thinking about the holiday in a logistics industry sense, my professional opinion ...

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Supply Chain Integration: How API-Led Connectivity Is Transforming the Logistics Industry

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Eric Rempel | REDWOOD LOGISTICS In the logistics world, real-time information provides the ultimate advantage. This is especially true for third party logistics (3PL) providers who specialize in improving efficiencies across the supply chain. The demand for granular supply chain visibility, from the moment a shipment leaves a warehouse until it’s placed on the shelf at a local store, continues ...

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