We Were Outgunned: Cybercrime Files

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Wade Anderson | Bay & Bay Transportation It was my fourth day of employment as CIO for a 77-year-old family owned transportation company; an industry very new to me. Our modest, but healthy, mid-sized trucking and logistics company Bay & Bay Transportation was hacked in a most heinous way. This is our story. After spending 25 years in industries like ...

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Five Areas to Lock in Customer Value with Real-Time Visibility

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Brian Hodgson | Descartes Systems, LLC Visibility has long been a priority for supply chain teams. In fact, based on the Descartes 2018 Annual Transportation Benchmark Survey, 67 percent of shippers ranked visibility as a critical capability for effective operations. For logistics service providers (LSP), providing visibility has gone from being a competitive advantage to being expected in order to ...

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Modern-Day Romance: How TMS Technology Plays Cupid

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MANAGING ALL THE DATA YOU NEED TO BETTER MANAGE CARRIERS Bob Davidek | 3GTMS In the late 1980s, Microsoft Excel replaced legal pads, notebooks and Rolodexes as the go-to product for brokers to use when managing carrier relationships. But the newfound spreadsheets did not solve the recurring data problems that were causing distrust between brokers and carriers. The inaccuracy and ...

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Supply Chain Integration: How API-Led Connectivity Is Transforming the Logistics Industry

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Eric Rempel | REDWOOD LOGISTICS In the logistics world, real-time information provides the ultimate advantage. This is especially true for third party logistics (3PL) providers who specialize in improving efficiencies across the supply chain. The demand for granular supply chain visibility, from the moment a shipment leaves a warehouse until it’s placed on the shelf at a local store, continues ...

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What Is the Port-to-Store Movement – and Why Should You Pay Attention?

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FAQs Answered Shawntell Kroese | LOUP LOGISTICS In the culinary world, the farm-to-table movement is the latest trend. But for 3PLs, the “port-to-store” movement is the trend to watch. What is port-to-store? And why should you care? Let’s answer these and the other most frequently asked questions about the movement. What Is “Port–to-Store”? Port–to-store is the management and visibility of ...

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New Tech to Build Freight Lanes in Future


Aaron Huff | Commercial Carrier Journal Increasingly, the trends in transportation technology are being driven by e-commerce and the “Amazon Effect.” Transportation companies are investing in new IT systems to fulfill orders with compressed lead times and higher service requirements. AFN Logistics, a Chicago-based 3PL that specializes in supply chain fulfillment for major retailers, is using technology to thrive in ...

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Brokers Turn to Technology to Maximize Truckload Capacity

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Mark Cubine | McLeod Software Brokers are tapping into data and technology to harvest more truckload capacity during the work day, creating a win-win solution for all parties within the supply chain and making brokers more competitive. “We have to document capacity, know it is there and proactively reach out to carriers before they reach out to our competition,” said ...

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Load Booking Automation: Winners Are Digitizing


Russell Jones | Cargo Chief Information Leads to Satisfied Customers In the history of mankind, the right information makes the difference between success and failure: finding water, where to farm, how to lay a railway, how to build a fighter jet. For today’s freight brokerages, knowing which trucking carriers do a good job and have availability for a certain lane ...

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Best Practices for Preventing Email Cyberthreats

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PART III IN A THREE-PART SERIES FOCUSED ON CYBERSECURITY Chuck Cook | RenovoData Two articles in recent issues of 3PL Perspectives outlined the challenges posed by email phishing attacks. The first described the most prevalent types of threats and the second explained how to identify them. This article illustrates the best practices for protecting 3PLs and trucking companies from those attacks. ...

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When Buying a TMS, Know the Limits of an RFP Process

J.P. Wiggins | 3Gtms To help you deliver freight at the lowest cost that meets customer requirements, a transportation management system (TMS) has to learn and understand the complexities of your particular business. This level of intimacy, however, is often not appreciated by first-time TMS purchasers. Many companies make their TMS vendor selection as if they were buying accounting, HR ...

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