TIA Member Spotlight: Sharing the Story of New Member Companies

tia member spotlight

AT THE TIA Member Services team, we are always striving to improve the information we have about our members. We like to know the size of their companies, what primary services they provide, their primary markets, and demographic information that can help us better serve you.

Our marketing campaigns and surveys allow us to collect a wide variety of data, but we know the best way to learn about our members is through a phone call or informative interview! Here are some recent interviews conducted with three TIA Members—please check out their company’s background!

Transnet, Inc – Regular Member

Transnet is a full-service logistics company and a leader in the Long-haul trucking industry. Founded in 1999 in Laredo, TX with additional offices located in Grand Haven, MI and Charlotte, NC, Transnet started as a trucking company, and with the increased demand from their customers and vision by Luis Abascal, Transnet’s President, they grew into a third-party logistics company. Their corporate headquarters is strategically located in Laredo, TX a border town between the United States and Mexico, the biggest gateway for trailer traffic in and out of the U.S.

Laredo Operations is supervised by Daniel Davila, who finds Transnet unique as they are a family owned business. One that has capitalized on growth to expand in different markets of this industry and always with the commitment of continual improvement in mind.

As the company began realizing growth, Transnet expanded their service offerings and brought Jenna Wenger, Transnet’s Director of North American Operations onboard. With her help, the company built a more complex operations department to meet the demand and needs of their customers. The expansion provides their customers with transportation, warehouse, distribution, custom services, and customized solutions.

The Transnet team finds the gratification of being able to help their customers fulfill their needs as one of their favorite factors of the 3PL industry. While they find the evolutions in technology to be a challenge, they focus on keeping up to date by employing various technology solutions and attention to detail from the team.

The Transnet team joined TIA because they believe their membership will give them the access to resources and education that will benefit and advance both their company and employees. They have already enrolled some of their employees in TIA education courses, including the 3PL Management Accelerator Program (3PLMAP).

Throughout the past year, the Transnet team worked hard to open their office in Charlotte, NC with talented operations and sales teams. They are excited about the growth and opportunities that are coming in 2022.

Imaginnovate – Associate Member

Imaginnovate is a technology solutions company that focuses specifically on the transportation industry. With teams based in the U.S and India, Imaginnovate employs about 90 developers that work on new technology solutions to provide innovation for the transportation industry.

The Imaginnovate team has over 75 years of combined experience in the transportation and logistics industry. With their expertise, they can provide their clients with the best service and solutions.

Krishna Vattipalli, CEO of Imaginnovate, is glad to see that the transportation industry is starting to embrace technology. There is still hesitation in the industry regarding the overall success of utilizing technology solutions in the transportation industry, but Imaginnovate hopes to prove success with time.

Imaginnovate wants to assure brokers and 3PLs that utilizing technology is possible. Brokers no longer need to invest millions in creating their own technology platforms but can instead rely on a tech partner like Imaginnovate to get the job done. The Imaginnovate team joined TIA to help connect with brokers and empower them with technology solutions.

Krishna finds that one of Imaginnovate’s biggest successes in the past year is that they developed a product specifically for final-mile carriers, called Fleet Enable. The CEO’s goal is that every freight broker thinks of Imaginnovate when they are looking to fulfill their technology needs.

A big thank you to Krishna and John from Imaginnovate for participating!

Sparrow Logistics – Regular Member

Based upon one of his favorite bible verses, Matthew 10:26-39, Zach Feyerherm founded Sparrow Logistics with a personal purpose. He wants Sparrow Logistics to be a bright light in the industry and focus his company culture as being open, transparent, and honest with both clients and carriers.

“It’s about delivering on what you say you are going to do, treating the clients the way they are supposed to be treated, and valuing your carriers,” Zach said.

The Sparrow Logistics founder’s goal is to positively impact each client, carrier and employee who interacts with their company. Zach wants to redefine what a broker is, and the industry’s stigma associated with freight brokers.

Zach entered the 3PL industry after he graduated college. He took an internship with a freight forwarder in Chicago focusing on air freight. He then was sent to Seattle to learn about ocean freight. Then, he moved back to his hometown of Omaha and began implementing his expertise as a leader as a freight forwarder and then within a local brokerage.

After many years in the industry, he decided it was time to launch his own brokerage. In May 2021, Sparrow Logistics was born.

Zach’s overall goal is to redefine the role of a broker, one step at a time!

Trevor Blietz is the Member Engagement Specialist with TIA. Interested in participating in a Member Spotlight interview? Contact to schedule your interview today!