Hiring Technology

hiring technology

HOW DOES A smaller brokerage keep up? Do you find yourself wanting extra time to grow your business? How many hours a day do you spend tracking a load only to be lied to by the carrier?

There are numerous companies that will help you with the technology needed to turn those frustrating and unproductive hours into smarter work.

By tracking trucks in real time, you know where they really are and are warned automatically if a load will be late. Technology also helps keep carriers from putting extra freight on board when you’re paying for the entire trailer.

Are you still doing on-boarding and carrier compliance the manual way with contracts being printed, scanned and sent back?

Hiring a technology service can save you countless hours doing research to know if you want to use a specific carrier. It can also be integrated to auto load directly into your Transportation Management System (TMS).

All small brokerages need someone to monitor their carriers status and advise when a carrier is revoked, or their insurance is due. Another helpful time saver is virtual load board. No longer the purview of large brokerage houses, many technology firms can build and host your data for a fraction of total loads posted; a system you can decide is either accessible only to select carriers or open to the public.

Remember, once technology is purchased there is little to no fee depending on your load total per month.

Technology shows up every day, doesn’t get sick, and is always helping you to save critical time—time to build relationships with your customers and carriers, secure more freight, and improve your on-time delivery, all of which improves your bottom line.

Gaylon Johnson Jr. is Director of Logistics at Standard Transportation Services Inc.