Together Again!

President’s Message
together again

I WOULD LIKE to share a heartfelt thank you to the nearly 1,500 people who attended TIA’s Capital Ideas Conference in San Diego! It is always nice to see a big crowd eager to meet at conference, but it was especially wonderful to see after so much time apart. Wasn’t it so rewarding to be all together again after, for many of us, two to three years apart? Not only was it a successful turnout, but it set a record for our highest attendance ever! We would not have had the high-caliber meeting we did without you. We also could not have done it without our sponsors and our exhibitors.

We would like to thank every company that chose to sponsor at the year’s event. I want to give recognition to all the platinum sponsors that made this conference so amazing: Armstrong Transport Group, Avalon Risk Management, DAT Freight & Analytics, Descartes, McLeod Software, Redkik, project44, TriumphPay, and You all made it possible to put this Conference on, and we appreciate the trust you showed in us by sticking with us and never wavering through the highs and lows of the omicron variant.

I would also like to thank all the panelists who helped put on all our incredible education sessions. Education and networking are what makes the conference so attractive to our members, which makes it so important that we have many diverse and informative sessions. I enjoyed meeting so many of you for the first time in person, and if I didn’t get the chance to meet you this time around, I look forward to a future opportunity.

I would also like to recognize some individuals and groups that worked hard to make this conference possible. We are thankful for Trey Griggs for his marketing savvy and emcee skills, and for Tom Curee, a first-time guest emcee this year! Our meetings would consist of Saltine crackers and a slide projector without the talented team of Valerie and Roberta Sumner, so thank you both for making our meetings as professional as they are. And finally, I am so grateful for all the TIA staff and the help they provided in San Diego and at home in Alexandria, but I must thank the incredibly hardworking Meetings and Education team (Cindy Amos, Jonathan Baker, and Anthony Mascarenas) and Marketing and Communications team (Matt Evans and Dalton Cool) for all the long hours and unflagging commitment to put together a great conference. And of course, thanks to Tom Cruise for stopping by!

While the Conference can be viewed as a success, there is no time to rest, as this is only the first of many exciting things! In May, we are hosting the first of two Regional Meetings in Birmingham, AL. This meeting will provide a forum for TIA Members who share common geography to get together and discuss regional trends, hear from speakers relevant to your business, and have lunch and network with your neighbors and colleagues. This will be a one-day session, so we hope you can take a few hours off to attend. The second regional conference will be held later in the year.

June is a very important month to us, as it kicks off Member Appreciation month. TIA cannot say enough about how thankful we are for all the members that trust us enough to stay a part of or organization.

To show our appreciation, we will host a reception for our raffle winners from last year at the new TIA Headquarters building, a few blocks from where the TIA office currently is, in Old Town Alexandria, VA. As always, we will push for the recognition of National Logistics Day, a brainchild from the team at Logistics Plus in Erie, PA. National Logistics Day is on June 28. We are planning a host of additional activities for Membership Appreciation Month, so stay tuned for further details.

Thank you as always for all you do for TIA.