The Value Of Becoming Engaged In Committee Participation

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it is said that we make a living

IT IS SAID that we make a living by what we get and a life by what we give.

I believe this perspective rings true in everyone’s life. The pleasure of working on TIA committees and having been a board member for six years has brought a multitude of satisfaction to me in knowing that I may have contributed to the value that TIA delivers to its members. My belief is that if I were a part of helping a TIA Member to succeed and reduce some risks inherent in the industry, I will have been successful in my endeavors. Make no mistake, I have garnered so much information that was advantageous for my brokerage business as well.

Reasons for becoming involved on a committee Include:

  1. Experience how TIA works and the effort that goes into making the association successful.
  2. Joining a committee helps you build a stronger relationship with other Brokers. TIA is one of the few organizations where competitors coalesce ethically.
  3. Build your brand by getting involved. It’ not about who you know—it’s about who knows you.
  4. Committee participation leads to uncovering business insights you can use in your professional and personal development.
  5. Through active participation on a committee, you will have the opportunity to become a board member.
  6. Contribute to the growth and future success of the organization.
  7. Give back to the industry by making a difference in committee involvement.
  8. A chance for your peers to acknowledge your thought leadership.

Standing committees as described in TIA Bylaws are intended to reap farreaching benefits for the membership. Committees serve as a continuing and permanent function for researching issues of our industry intensely, analyzing the findings, and make recommendations to our Board of Directors.

I applied for the Board of Directors and was informed that to serve on the Board, it was necessary to work on committees. I have worked on many committees at TIA and will continue to do so into the future. In my first board meeting everyone was asked to report what committees they worked on. My answer was, “let me tell you the committees I don’t work on.” I think there were only three at the time.

Please note the following excerpt from TIANET.ORG:

For those members looking to get more involved and engage further with TIA, we currently have 15+ different committees, conferences, and boards that you can join. Please note: TIA Members must be in good standing to serve on a committee, conference, or board.

Whether your expertise is in highways, airfreight, public policy, marketing, or finance (or any other area) then TIA has a committee perfect for YOU!

Below, please find an overview of our current committees and conferences. Interested in joining a committee or need additional information? Please contact [email protected].

TIA’s Existing Committees1

Airfreight & International Logistics Conference

PURVIEW: All areas related to airfreight (forwarding, cross-border/international, TWIC, Customs, tariffs, scanning/screening, etc.). The Conference is responsible for all issues related to the global supply chain. The Committee will examine and develop policies pertaining to the international movement of goods.

The development of the TIA Canadian Cross-border Framework.

CHAIR: Jim Damman | Mode Transportation

LIAISON TO: Airforwarders Association (AfA) and National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA)

Communications Committee

PURVIEW: Responsible for guiding the content and direction of TIA’s publications, marketing, and communications efforts including 3PL Perspectives magazine, Logistics Weekly newsletter, TIA Delivers and Advocacy Insights podcasts, the TIA Marketplace, and the TIA website.

CHAIR: Sue Spero, CTB | Carrier Services of Tennessee, Inc.

Contracts Committee

PURVIEW: The development and updating of TIA’s model contracts, frameworks, and agreements.

CHAIR: James Lee | Choptank Transport

CTB Committee

PURVIEW: This committee of the TIA Foundation is responsible for and overseeing and updating the TIA Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) program. The Committee is open to member company owners and CEOs along with associate members.

CHAIR: Mark Fiorini, CTB | Westgate Global Logistics

Education Committee

PURVIEW: This committee of the TIA Foundation is responsible for developing and maintaining education and training courses to meet the needs of member companies and their staff, integrating inhouse training, and overseeing certification. The Committee is open to in-house trainers, managers responsible for training, member company owners and CEOs.

CHAIR: Cori Eckley, CTB | NATCO

Ethics Committee

Responsible for reviewing all complaints brought to the Association regarding unethical practices of any member.

CHAIR: Confidential

Members of the Ethics Committee are established by TIA Bylaws and must receive approval from the Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Responsible for reviewing TIA’s Annual Budget, working with TIA CFO on monthly income statements, approving major TIA financial decisions.

CHAIR: Rob Kemp | DRT Transportation Members of the Finance Committee are established by TIA Bylaws and must receive approval from the Executive Committee

Government Freight Committee

PURVIEW: Responsible for issues affecting third-party logistics companies competing for and handling government freight. The committee advocates on the importance of the 3PL industry before the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). Committee members are responsible for maintaining the TIA Government Freight Framework.


LIAISON TO: National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA)

intermodal logistics conference

Highway Logistics Conference

PURVIEW: Responsible for all issues related to truck transportation under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other agencies. Focuses include Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard, Safety Fitness Determination, Highway Reauthorization and Infrastructure.

CHAIR: John Miller | Plains Dedicated, LLC

Intermodal Logistics Conference

PURVIEW: All issues related to rail relations and intermodal transportation. Promotes the growth of 3PLs through the intermodal lens.

CHAIR: Kristy Knichel | Knichel Logistics


Leadership Academy Committee

PURVIEW: This committee of the TIA Foundation is responsible for developing content for the TIA Logistics Academy. The Committee is open to member company owners and CEOs.

CHAIR: Doug Clark | Douglas Clark Consultants

Membership Committee

PURVIEW: Responsible for recruiting new members and assisting with annual membership renewal efforts. Simultaneously evaluates top-tier targets and reviews membership materials.

CHAIR: Jim Becker | Becker Logistics, LLC

Operations Committee

PURVIEW: Responsible for providing member feedback on TIA’s Watchdog programs, cargo claims, monitoring and developing policy related to credit issues, and insurance. Members of the Committee are responsible for maintaining the TIA Cargo Claims Framework. Additionally, members of the committee will serve as liaisons between TIA and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

CHAIR: Jeff Lantz, CTB | C.L. Services

Policy Committee

Responsible for setting the strategic direction of TIA’s advocacy and public positions on legislation and regulation, with the overall purpose to benefit and protect the 3PL industry. The Committee works with the three Logistics Conferences (Air Freight/International, Highway and Intermodal) to ensure their respective positions align with the overall policy goals of the TIA.

CHAIR: Mark Christos | Matson Logistics Members of the Policy Committee are established by the TIA Bylaws and must receive approval from the Executive Committee

Programs Committee

PURVIEW: This committee of the TIA Foundation is responsible for developing and hosting all educational offerings at the TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition, Technovations, and any other face-to-face meeting, along with integrating in-house training. The Committee is open to member companies and associate members.

CHAIR: Alicia Bly, CTB | Johanson Transportation Service

Shipper Committee

PURVIEW: Top priority for TIA to engage the shipper community and build the recognition and value of 3PLs and TIA. Focuses include trade shows, marketing, and increasing the number of shippers using 3PLs to handle their transportation management.

CHAIR: Steve Spoerl | Simple Logistics

TIA Foundation Board

PURVIEW: The TIA Foundation (Foundation) adds recognizable, bottom-line benefits to members, their employees, and new industry entrants by helping them improve their business and personal lives through practical, targeted, hands-on educational offerings. In addition, the Foundation works to expand the understanding of the role third-party logistics companies play in the logistics industry and participate in the education process of those interested in transportation and logistics.

CHAIR: Brandon Arnold, CTB | Intelligent Logistics

NOTE: Members interested in serving on the Foundation Board must be approved by the Nominating Committee

TIA Services Board

PURVIEW: The TIA Services Board supports innovative programs designed to support, enhance, and nurture member growth through innovation and participation. Additionally, the TIA Services Board provides valuable insight and shared experience for new brokers and members alike and supports ways to grow, connect and protect their business.

CHAIR: Lynn Gravley | NT Logistics, Inc.

NOTE: Members interested in serving on the TIA Services Board must be approved by the Nominating Committee.


PURVIEW: Enables our members and their employees to have a voice with legislators who make laws and policies that directly impact the way your company does business. TIAPAC is a bi-partisan organization that pools TIA members’ personal contributions and donates those funds to campaigns for Members of Congress in accordance with applicable election laws.

CHAIR: Kenny Clark | Kenneth Clark Company, Inc.

NOTE: Members interested in serving on the TIAPAC Board must be approved by the Nominating Committee.

Women in Logistics Committee

PURVIEW: Responsible for engaging and promoting women in the logistics industry. Provides resources in an effort to continue the growth and prosperity of the 3PL industry.

CO-CHAIRS: Sarah Ruffcorn | Trinity Logistics, Inc.; Liz Wayne | Able Transport Solutions

Young Executives Committee

PURVIEW: Committee consists of members mid-40s or younger, looking to network with industry peers. This group is designed to help those who are poised to be tomorrow’s owners and managers. Holds regional events and strives to make the convention program for Young Executives a success.

CO-CHAIRS: Wayne Levinson, CTB Bulk Fr8, LLC; Mark Fiorini, CTB | Westgate Global Logistics

In closing, I urge everyone to contemplate what committee may be a good fit for your personal expertise and step up to the plate.