Forward Looking

President’s Message
anne reinke

WE ARE ON the precipice of being together at the TIA 2022 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition in San Diego! All 1,100+ of us will be together after more than two years of being apart. While we have survived with all the virtual tools made available to us and, in some cases, thrived with those tools, we are ready to reap the rewards of being with each other again. We have some loyal sponsors (listed below), some terrific exhibitors (also listed below), and a hard-working and creative team who puts the whole event together to make it a real return on investment for all participants. Thank you in advance for coming and sticking with us through the highs and lows of COVID-19 and the omicron variant. We will have groundbreaking content, innovative exhibitors, and unparalleled opportunities for fellowship. We so look forward to seeing you all!

It is tempting to take time off after such a large endeavor, but we have too much left to do this year to stop! In May, we are hosting the first of two Regional Meetings in Birmingham, AL. All those members within a 120-mile radius of Birmingham should consider attending—it will provide a forum for those members who share common geography to get together and discuss regional trends, hear from a couple speakers relevant to your business, and have lunch and network with your neighbors and colleagues. It will only be a one-day session, so we hope you can take a few hours off to attend. The second regional conference will be held later in the year.

In June, we will again recognize TIA Membership Appreciation month and look to hosting our raffle winners from last year for a reception at the new TIA Headquarters in Old Town Alexandria, VA. As always, we will push for the recognition of National Logistics Day, a brainchild from the team at Logistics Plus in Erie, PA, on June 28 of each year. More activities are planned during Membership Appreciation month, so stay tuned for further details.

Our Government Affairs team continues to push for the inclusion of non-asset brokers and logistics companies in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program. This is a trusted partner program where private entities meet government-issued requirements and become C-TPAT certified. Many shippers will only deal with C-TPAT certified entities, and inclusion in the program will enhance security and boost the commercial profiles of transportation brokers. Chris Burroughs and Scott Marks were able to get both House and Senate bipartisan bills passed unanimously through their respective committees of jurisdiction. This is a stellar (and far too rare on Capitol Hill) accomplishment, so we are thankful for their tireless efforts.

This leads us to September and the 2022 TIA 3PL Policy Forum! All those who are able, and who care about what happens to the logistics and brokerage industry, must come and fan out on Capitol Hill September 26-27. The Fly-in provides an opportunity to offer concerns or praise directly to Members of Congress and their staff. I hope you can attend this critical event.

And finally, we end the year with the 2022 TIA 3PL Technovations Conference (formerly the 3PLXTEND Xperience), October 27-28, in Phoenix, AZ. Our newly re-formed Technology Committee, chaired by Ramona Hood and Tom Curee, is in the midst of planning an innovative and forward-looking program to do justice to all those innovators and technology futurists in our business. You won’t want to miss this event if you are interested in improving efficiencies for your customers and standing out from the crowd.

Thanks as always for all you do for TIA.