TIA Member Spotlight: Sharing the Story of New Member Companies

tia member spotlight sharing the story of new member companies

ONE PRIORITY OF the TIA Member Services team is to collect data about our members. We like to know what primary services our members provide, the size of their company, their primary markets, and demographic information that can help us better serve you.

While marketing campaigns and surveys allow us to collect a wide array of data, we know that the best way to learn about our members is through a phone call or an informative interview! Here are some recent interviews conducted with three TIA Members—please check out their company’s background!

Nextep – Associate Member

Nextep is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that helps businesses of all sizes with benefits, HR expertise, payroll service and technology. Their services allow business owners to get back to what they do best—building their business. Nextep is devoted to their clients, illustrated by their “why” statement: “Elevating the employment experience and enriching people’s lives.”

Unlike many other PEOs, Nextep is a privately held company that emphasizes personal touch and customer service. Nextep Founder, President & CEO Brian Fayak, began in 1997 after working at a publicly traded PEO. The Nextep founder had a different vision than traditional PEOs and decided to start his own.

The Nextep team has excelled in providing the best service, with a Net Promoter Score of 87. The company is consistently rated among the top workplaces and believes that with a better company culture comes better customer service. In 2021 Nextep ranked #27 in the national Great Place to Work survey in the consulting and professional services category. They are the only PEO to offer a single-sign-on service for their clients. Clients can also use the Nextep data analytics tools to track overall company spending, forecasting, and budgeting, to hone their company goals. Nextep also stands out as a PEO with their transparent billing, which breaks down the cost for each service that they provide.

Nextep began working with the 3PL industry when they partnered with TIA in our Advantage Program. Their goal is to assist TIA Members with benefits, payroll, and HR processes. Recently, Nextep joined TIA as an Associate Member. Their team has found that they have learned much more about the 3PL industry within their partnership with TIA, especially the overall significance that the supply chain plays in the economy. They hope to continue working with TIA to share their services with 3PLs.

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Reeves McEwing, LLP–Associate Member

Reeves McEwing LLP is a boutique transportation firm serving the litigation and commercial needs of freight brokers, forwarders, ocean carriers, Non Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCCs), and their insurers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and beyond. The firm has defended many negligent hiring/selection claims involving motorists injured or killed in trucking accidents. They also assist 3PLs with their shipper and carrier contracts and handle cargo claims.

The team at Reeves McEwing is dedicated to assisting their clients, both large and small, and even offers reduced rates in the appropriate circumstances. They also act as general counsel to smaller business owners on a flat fee or retainer, rather than hourly, so that employees will not hesitate to contact them before signing that contract or making an important decision without fear of incurring additional costs or legal fees. The firm believes in doing what needs to be done, even if they cannot charge for all of their time in the end. Their attorneys are available 24/7 via cell phone and are committed to returning every phone call and email before the end of the day.

Initially, the firm focused primarily on maritime claims against vessel owners, charterers, and NVOCCs, in ocean-going and brown water trade. After handling cargo claims, maritime injuries, and charter party disputes for many years, expanding their practice to include transportation intermediaries was a natural fit.

The firm’s favorite aspect of working with the 3PL industry is that most of its clients are small businesses and entrepreneurs. They find it both exciting and rewarding to be a part of their clients’ growth and success.

Reeves McEwing believes that the most challenging part of working with the industry is assisting brokers in resolving cargo claims. Their clients are often caught in the middle of the dispute between the shipper and the motor carrier.

The firm joined TIA because, unlike the maritime and transportation law associations they are involved with, TIA provides a unique insight into the industry’s practical realities and considerations that make their team much more effective advocates for their clients. The Reeves McEwing staff enjoys taking part in TIA events such as the 3PL Policy Forum. “My participation in [the 3PL Policy Forum] has been one of the highlights of my career,” said Attorney Lisa Reeves. Lisa also values her TIA membership for the resources that we offer. “TIA is an invaluable resource of forms and information, as well as the ability to pick up the phone and talk with Chris Burroughs and other staff members about an issue,” Lisa said. “TIA provides fantastic networking opportunities to connect with potential clients, experts, and vendors, and to share resources and strategy with others.”

Reeves McEwing hopes to add more young associate attorneys to serve their growing client base. The firm hopes that TIA can assist with those goals by supporting our associate members and providing opportunities for education and networking in the future.

RNL Services – Regular Member

Randy Hudson is the owner of RNL Services, a Texas-based agent for TIA Member Logistic Dynamics. He began working within the transportation industry in the 1980s, working at airports, unloading freight from planes and completing deliveries. In 1998, Randy entered the brokerage space by becoming the first agent for a small broker.

Randy found the ability to begin his own small business appealing to the brokerage industry. He also enjoyed the earning potential and the diverse way that his company could be structured.

As the industry has evolved, Randy has noticed a lot more competition in the space. As an intermediary, he emphasizes the importance of relationship building. “You only have so much control over the people that you hire, and so your carrier selection has to be top-notch to make sure that your service is top-notch,” Randy said.

Over the years, Randy saw the significance of technology in the brokerage business, especially with carrier vetting tools such as TIA Watchdog. He spoke about the downsides of technology, such as how it can be quite easy to find bad information online and setting unrealistic expectations when breaking into the industry.

For new brokers, Randy empathized that a brokerage company is a business, not a job. “If you don’t have the capabilities to work it full time … you should get a job and learn the business,” he said. He noted that it takes time to build relationships with shippers and carriers and that if a new broker hustles, they will find success.

Kelly Del Percio is the Member Engagement Specialist with TIA. Interested in participating in a Member Spotlight interview? Contact to schedule your interview today!