TIA & Cybersecurity


AS WE ENTER October, we must highlight Cybersecurity Awareness Month. One of the largest threats to modern business and the 3PL industry is the risk of a cyberattack. Being secure and safe online can help reduce the risk of spyware and viruses infiltrating a company’s network. Going beyond extensive cyberattacks, simple phishing attempts have the ability to disrupt operations and have a major impact on business.

To help TIA Members be able to proactively combat cyberattacks, we have created a library of articles, webinars, tip sheets, and resources for members to utilize. This library can be accessed online at tianet.org/cyber-awareness/. This year, we ask our members to use this resource to its full advantage, in order to help strengthen the logistic community’s knowledge of the ever-changing landscape that is cyber threats.

Also featured on the Cyber Awareness page, under the “Resources” section is the Cyber Report Card. TIA has partnered with Roanoke to offer TIA Members the ability to receive a FREE Cyber Report Card. The primary function of the Report Card is to see how your company can improve on its cyber vulnerability. This complimentary report will highlight weak areas for improvement through a custom risk profile. In addition, several articles that have been featured in 3PL Perspectives from authors like RenovoData, TrustedSec, and TIA that highlight different preventative measures to stop cyber threats have also been compiled on the TIA website and are a valuable resource for members.

On its second anniversary, we would also like to thank our members for their continued support of the TIA Delivers Podcast. Launched in October 2019, the podcast has covered insightful topics from economics and commission structures to leadership and sales, expanding TIA Member resources, and adding new and relevant content for members each month TIA Delivers Podcast is another media output from TIA.

The TIA Delivers Podcast features monthly episodes that highlight industry experts, thought leaders and special guests, with conversations focused on topics, including professional growth, the economy, and technology. This provides listeners with consistent monthly updates on industry news and topical interests specifically catered to 3PLs in the transportation industry.

To listen to the TIA Delivers Podcasts, visit us on the TIA website as well as all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Music. To get more information or listen to our latest episode visit tianet.org/podcasts. If you or a team member is interested in being featured on an upcoming episode or have an issue or topic that you would like to hear more about, please contact us at [email protected]. Further, for sponsoring opportunities please contact Alex Hammond at [email protected].

Neil Humphrey is the Marketing & Communications Manager at TIA. He can be reached at [email protected]