Member Engagement Is Everything

Anne Reinke, 

BY THE TIME you read this, the TIA 2021 Capital Ideas Conference will have ended. Across three days, we heard from Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR-4), Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure, on Congress’ role in developing a Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill; we announced TIA’s commitment to standing against human trafficking as a Transportation Leader and our support of Truckers Against Trafficking; we were inspired by Retired Admiral William H. McRaven and his stories of grit, determination, and integrity; we showcased dozens of members and issues critical to our industry; and we bid a fond farewell to Outgoing Board Chairman Brian Evans, CTB, and warmly welcomed Incoming Board Chairman Michael Riccio, CTB.

As Mike mentioned in his welcome address, we are laser-focused at TIA on member engagement and finding additional ways to make the member experience a benefit to you and your businesses. TIA wants to help those members who are looking to grow and expand, and those scaled-up members who want to make sure the industry stays healthy.

While this focus continues year-round, we especially honor our members during the month of June, with the month serving as TIA Member Appreciation Month! Our member appreciation month also coincides with the 3rd Annual National Logistics Day (NLD) on June 28. As you may know, NLD was established by TIA Member Logistics Plus in 2019, and they asked TIA to team up with them in 2020 to increase reach and engagement. The goal of the day (and of the month) is to promote the importance of the logistics industry, the critical role our members play in the supply chain, and to promote our members’ businesses and services.

The COVID-19 pandemic put our industry and our members in the spotlight. TIA Members have worked tirelessly juggling and addressing the huge demand on household goods and filling gaps in both shipper and carrier capacity wherever they could. Now that the logistics industry is better known, it is incumbent upon all of us, but most especially TIA, to make it better understood. We will raise our members’ profiles, herald our members’ great works, and educate the public about all that the logistics industry does. I encourage you to check out more at, and stay tuned for more materials, member profiles, and video Thank Yous throughout the month.

We also have a couple of exciting promotions taking place during TIA Member Appreciation Month which we think you are really going to like. Throughout the month, we will be raffling-off a series of items and opportunities, including a complimentary registration for our New Employee Orientation online course as well as the opportunity for three groups of roughly five TIA Members to meet directly with TIA’s Executive Committee and leadership team to discuss issues or concerns they may have about the industry or association. The grand prize winner will receive complimentary registration to TIA’s 3PLXTEND Xperience, taking place October 21-22 in San Antonio. Visit the NLD website to enter for your chance to win! Winners will be announced on June 28.

TIA Members stand for safe, ethical, and efficient transportation solutions. Our industry is environmentally friendly, entrepreneurial, and innovative. I cannot think of a better way to salute our members than to dedicate the month to all they do. If you ever have any ideas of ways to showcase our members, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you as always, for all that you do for transportation and for TIA.