Running a Tight Ship: A One-Stop Tool Shop for Freight Brokerages

Matthew Meeks | TRANSFLO

supply chain technology safety

SUPPLY CHAIN TECHNOLOGY & SAFETY have taken a front seat over the last year as the freight industry has continued to remind us just how vital its success and safety is to keeping our country running.

And a strong supply chain needs brokers and 3PLs who can run a tight ship!

They also need brokers who are equipped with the right tools to keep operations running smooth.

Many software providers in the freight industry have recently increased their development of new technology solutions for supply chain businesses. New technology offerings aim to assist the frontline freight professionals of America, with many solutions focusing on safety and efficiency so that shippers, brokers, and carriers can stay competitive and healthy in today’s fluctuating climate.

But with so many providers offering so many different solutions, it can sometimes feel incredibly time-consuming and daunting when looking to adopt them for your business.

For example: Some brokers get their back-office automation software from Provider A, and then pay for freight visibility services through Provider B, and then go through two additional providers to get a quality mobile app to communicate better with carriers and shipper partners.

It’s just TOO MUCH.

However, one leading software provider in the freight industry took a major realization and ran with it. Freight solutions provider, Transflo, recognized there was an abundance of incredible new technology being created for the supply chain, but it was sporadic and unsystematic. This was making it challenging for businesses to acquire and implement all the tools they needed. So, Transflo set out on a new mission – to offer ALL OF IT in one place – and without sacrificing quality.

And that is when a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem was born.

Inside Transflo’s Ever-Expanding Digital Ecosystem You Can Find Solutions Like:

  • Fully automated back-office software
  • Real-time freight visibility on your devices (that’s also shareable with shipper partners)
  • No more waiting for documents – plus the ability to start billing instantly
  • Elimination of indexing – saving bigtime on staff hours
  • Paperless and touch-free BOLs, PODs, and other paperwork
  • Tools that help you run a more profitable operation (even remotely if needed)
  • And an industry-trusted mobile app with more than 2 million users and customization options (Transflo Mobile+)

And that’s just scratching the surface of the full suite of solutions that make up this digital ecosystem. Transflo also has the largest digital footprint in the supply chain with $84 billion in freight processed each year through its systems. Add their Velocity+ software that connects brokers to drivers, carriers, and shippers. Talk about running a tight ship!

Imagine the kind of business you could run with all these tools at your disposal.

But listen, we get it—very few businesses need EVERYTHING available on the market today. And that’s why Transflo decided to make their solutions completely customizable.

Here’s How It Works:

They evaluate your needs, your processes, your challenges and success stories, and then customize a package of the tools that works for your business specifically. Truly a one-stop-shop.

If you’re interested in joining the many successful businesses already utilizing the Transflo digital ecosystem, you can get more info on a customized, perfect set of solutions for you, making sure you’re equipped to run a tight ship for years to come.

For more info about Transflo solutions please contact them at: (866) 528-7172 or [email protected]