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AS WE APPROACH the one-year anniversary of launching TIA’s Advocacy Insights Podcast, we look back on the past year and the insights TIA has provided on the inner workings of Capitol Hill. TIA Advocacy Insights Podcast began during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in May of 2020. It was designed as an additional avenue to provide TIA Members with valuable information on how they can successfully advocate on behalf of their own business, TIA and the 3PL industry.

In the first episode of TIA’s Advocacy Insights Podcast, VP of Government Affairs Chris Burroughs discussed the importance of government affairs to both TIA Members and the broader 3PL community. This episode highlighted the different ways advocacy interacts with Members of Congress to move legislation forward. In Episode 2, we heard again from Chris when he discussed the conversations regarding records to be kept by brokers, specifically section 371.3 of Title 49 of the code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR § 371.3). Since the beginning, the Advocacy Insights Podcast has covered topics ranging from the Trump administration to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), to more recent vaccine distribution. The podcast has also explored how various federal regulations and programs have directly impacted the 3PL community over the past year.

As the 117th Congress progresses, it is important for the industry to stay as up to date as possible and be proactive in the decision-making process. TIA’s Advocacy Insights podcast is more than just an update on the efforts of Chris and Government Affairs Manager Scott Marks on Capitol Hill. It also provides TIA Members with valuable information on how they can successfully advocate on behalf of their own business, TIA and the 3PL industry. Following TIA online via the Advocacy Insights podcast is a valuable resource for TIA Members. The podcast, along with TIA social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (@3plassociation), are essential tools for the 3PL industry.

Similar to its counterpart, the TIA Delivers Podcast is another media offering from TIA, and features monthly episodes that highlight industry experts, thought leaders, and special guests with host Liz Hinkel, TIA’s Member Engagement Specialist. Liz drives the conversation around several topics including professional growth, the economy, and technological advances in the industry. This provides listeners with regular monthly updates on industry news and topical interests specifically catered to 3PLs in the transportation industry.

To listen to the TIA Delivers Podcasts, visit us on the TIA website as well as all major streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Music. To get more information or listen to our latest episode visit tianet.org/podcasts. If you or a team member is interested in being featured on an upcoming episode or have an issue or topic that you would like to hear more about, please contact us at [email protected]. Further, for sponsoring opportunities please contact Alex Hammond at [email protected].

Neil Humphrey is the Marketing & Communications Manager at TIA. He can be reached at [email protected].