TIA Connect

Paul Leahy | TIA

EVER HAVE QUESTIONS about how to deal with a particular logistics issue and wish you had access to the brain power of others in the industry? Or maybe you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career and you are looking to mentor and advise new professionals in the industry? Perhaps you are just looking to connect with your peers to broaden your network and strengthen your business? Now TIA has a resource for you!

The recently launched TIA Connect provides TIA Members an exclusive resource to network and connect with others in the association. A dynamic member directory makes it easier than ever to find new contacts and make connections. Building out your detailed user profile, including your bio, contact information, and picture, will help others find and connect with you. You can even send direct messages without having to leave the site!

Members will have the ability to search for and join various communities, facilitating connections over topics, shared interests, and demographics. Each community includes the ability to post discussions, share resources, and easily find others in the community. Joined late and not sure if others have already discussed a particular topic? Have no fear, each community is archived and easily searchable, so you never have to worry about missing out. You can kiss FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out) goodbye!

Don’t see a community that fits your needs? Create one of your own! TIA Connect is all about TIA Members and meeting their needs. Create new communities to connect around topics of interest and to find like-minded peers.


Additionally, each community features a resource library that allows users to share documents of all different types. Post a sample contract or best practice as a WordDoc or PDF. Post an interesting video from your marketing or communications team that others might find useful. Share pictures from fun industry events and rub it in for those who could not attend. And just like the discussion feature, members can easily search the resource library by key words to find the documents they need to support their business.

TIA Connect allows its users to personalize settings to ensure the new platform won’t be overwhelming and create clutter in your already overused email inbox. Subscribe to communities in real time or daily digest. Members can even opt-out of email altogether and simply visit the site whenever they wish to connect. One size does not fit all; users can subscribe to each relevant community differently. Maybe you’d like real-time messages from the CTB community, but only daily digest from the Air Freight Forwarders community. Fully customizable settings allow you to easily set and adjust the flow of messages (or lack thereof) through your inbox.

Whether you are a new TIA Member looking to connect with others and grow your knowledge of the industry, a seasoned veteran wanting to engage with old and new friends alike, or perhaps somewhere in between, TIA Connect has something for you. This intuitive platform will be a breeze for people of all technical capabilities to use and offers a fun and easy way to grow your network and strengthen your business. What are you waiting for? Connect today!

Paul Leahy, CAE, is the Director of Member Services at TIA. He can be reached at [email protected]