Moving Forward

Doug Clark
Interim CEO
Transportation intermediaries Association

BY THE TIME this publication is distributed, TIA will have announced that there is a new CEO in place.

The search committee, comprised of your TIA member peers and friends, volunteered their time and efforts to go through approximately 175 applications. They narrowed down these applicants to 30 or so and then began the interview process. My understanding is that the 30 candidates were reduced to 10, then five—with two candidates being submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

We are so excited to have a new CEO in place to lead and guide TIA into our next generation of growth, education and policy contributions for the members and vendors! We owe heartfelt gratitude to the Search Committee and when you see them in a chat room during this November’s 3PLEXTEND Virtual Xperience or at the annual conference next April, please tell them thank you!

Were you involved in TIA’s recent Virtual Policy Forum with Chris and Scott in October? If not, you missed out! The meetings I attended with Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz’s staff absolutely rocked!

I do not know how Chris and Scott were able to pull this off, but I have to say, that everyone I heard from had the same feedback in meeting with their State Representatives and Congressman. Thank you, Chris and Scott!

Moving on to this month, we are ecstatic to host TIA’s first fully virtual conference, the 3PLXTEND Virtual Xperience, which is replacing our previously scheduled 3PL Technovations Conference. Being led by Valerie, Roberta, Cindy, Polly, Jessica, Chris, and Staff, they are creating an event to remember!

Throughout this year, they have dedicated their time to be involved with other virtual events. There have been meetings, every week, on making this a first-class educational, memorable and exciting platform. Many of the TIA Staff have participated in educational seminars focused on online conferences, detailing what works and what does not. I have seen the drafts they have made of quality education sessions and entertainment that will keep you engaged and participating with friends and peers online!

I am certain we will hear from our new CEO and their vision to share with our members in the next issue of the magazine. For me personally, this will be my last “President’s Message” as your Interim CEO. With TIA, I have been around for many years and have held many voluntary positions that TIA has to offer, including Past Chairman.

We always assumed that the TIA Staff was the best an association had on the planet. After working with them every day for the last several months, your assumptions are completely validated. I am thankful that they have allowed me to be a part of their “family” and culture that they have created amongst themselves.

They will tell you we have plenty of room for improvement and we have made progress daily. All of them have adapted to postponed, then cancelled conferences, Zoom meetings, working with hotels, reinventing education with semiweekly Virtual Lunch & Learns, and adapting to new work environments.

Your TIA staff is a resilient bunch that are professional and engaged in the benefits they provide to you, the favorite part of their job, the members! I look forward to seeing you ALL during the 3PLEXTEND Virtual Xperience, November 17-19, 2020.