3 Easy Ways to Eliminate Check-Calls Claim Back Your Time & Money

Matthew Meeks | Transflo

It’s time to ditch that PHONE!

I’m not suggesting you throw out your smartphone, that’s absurd, but rather use it in a more efficient way!

The supply chain is often thought of as three individual components: freight brokers, shippers, and carriers/drivers. While these individual sectors have their own unique set of needs to successfully do business, it’s the seamless connectivity of the three that elevates the supply chain—and modern technology is helping greatly.

Plain & Simple

Here are three things all freight professionals can do to eliminate check- calls, save time, and put more money back in their pockets – all while contributing to a more efficient modernized future for the supply chain:

1.  Use digital document scanning technology – You’ll get the documents you need ASAP and won’t need to call anyone to track them down.

2.  Utilize modern communication solutions like mobile chat – Why wait on hold when you can send a quick ping?

3.  Activate real-time load visibility on your computer and smart devices – See where everything is right on your screen in real-time. No more calls needed.

Implementing these three practices have contributed to soaring efficiency in many brokerages today.

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Matthew Meeks, Marketing Manager at Transflo, is part of the marketing team that produces content for its leading mobile, telematics, and business process automation solutions that are offered to the transportation industry. Matthew has a BA in Professional Writing, an MBA, and is currently based in Tampa, Florida. Matthew is a world traveler, spending 3 years traveling Asia as well as trips throughout the U.S. and Europe. His 15 years of experience spans across multiple industries including technology, freight, education, and entertainment. Matthew can be reached at 813-350-8712 and [email protected]