“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”: The Phrase Holding Back Freight Brokers

Matthew Meeks | Transflo

Many modern supply chain professionals would argue there’s an age-old saying still echoing through the freight industry: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

This saying typically originates from a place of good intentions—of appreciating what you have as long as it still works, and the idea of saving money and avoiding unnecessary spending. I get that. I really do. While this concept may make sense for something like furniture or glassware, it’s frankly counterproductive to improving business practices and technology within brokerages.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to operations within your freight brokerage, it’s not about something being “broke” per se—it’s more about something possessing an opportunity for significant growth.

Also, many modern solutions aren’t suggesting that the way you run your business needs a “fix.” Rather, they provide enhancements and upgrades to your existing practices that can save you time and money while launching your brokerage to new heights!

Technology is CONSTANTLY evolving, and it’s incumbent upon all professionals to keep up. I mean, can you imagine a brokerage today that refused to use email or the internet? Or one that only performed cash transactions? Of course not.

So, if you haven’t already looked into modern solutions such as back-office automation, electronic BOL & POD, real-time load visibility, and digitized paperwork, I highly recommend that you do so. These types of modern technology are available for brokerage operations of all sizes, with some solutions offering customized options to cater to specific broker needs and wants.

Certain products (such as Velocity+) can be integrated with any ERP or TMS and, “help 3PLs and brokers optimize staff resources, improve cash flow, make data-driven decisions, eliminate paperwork, and establish stronger digital ties with their shippers, carriers, drivers, and their own back office,” said Parker McCrary, Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions at Transflo.

So, let’s admit it. It’s time we ditch the timeworn sayings and adopt a new one for the industry: “If it’s outdated, upgrade it!”

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Matthew Meeks, Marketing Manager at Transflo, is part of the Marketing team that produces content for its leading mobile, telematics, and business process automation solutions that are offered to the transportation industry. Matthew has a BA in Professional Writing, an MBA, and is currently based in Tampa, FL. Matthew is a world traveler, spending 3 years traveling Asia as well as trips throughout the U.S. and Europe. His 15 years of experience spans across multiple industries including technology, freight, education, and entertainment. Matthew can be reached at 813-350-8712 and [email protected]