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Neil Humphrey | Transportation Intermediaries Association

TIA Delivers Podcast was launched in October 2019 to help extend TIA’s resources to our members. Providing monthly updates on industry news and topical interests, TIA Delivers Podcast caters specifically to 3PLs in the transportation industry. For members to be successful in 2020, it is of major importance to be aware of updates that have potential to affect their business. In each episode, we interview industry leaders, government officials, and TIA Members to give a voice and platform to those that ultimately will be affected as the years progress.

Episode 1 featured TIA’s Chief Economist, Noël Perry, diving into exactly why the 3PL industry should keep an eye on oil politics. Noting historical references such as the 1970’s oil crisis, Perry examined recent events in the Persian Gulf that directly impacted the 3PL industry. Perry began with real-life examples of how actions in the Strait of Hormuz can have serious implications on the barrel pricing of oil, thus causing shortages in gas and diesel. 

Episode 2 featured TIA’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Chris Burroughs. In this episode, Burroughs discussed the importance of getting involved with TIA on advocacy issues. TIA’s Government Affairs department works on behalf of the membership to promote the 3PL industry with lawmakers and regulators to protect businesses from burdensome regulations. In addition, Burroughs provided an update on the 116th Congress and legislative and regulatory issues that 3PLs should be aware of as we move in to 2020. These include the proposed hours-of-service (HOS) changes, the Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard (MCSSS) and the U.S. Mexico Canadian trade agreement (USMCA).

Episode 3 highlighted Kenneth Clark, President of Kenneth Clark Co., and an avid supporter of TIA. Clark shared his company’s success story and provided outstanding insight into why TIA membership has been essential in taking his company from $1.6 million in revenues to a projected $14 million in 2020. He discussed some of the challenges his company faces and how he overcame these challenges. Clark leaves us with specific takeaways and advice on how to accelerate your business, while providing more value to your customers.

In Episode 4, we sat down with Jonathan Evans, Director of Client Solutions for Logistical Labs. Evans discussed where the future of the RFP process is heading and how clients can leverage technology right now to gain a competitive advantage by improving their client-facing and carrier-facing operational strategies to win more business, while mitigating risks in an ever-changing industry. This interview was focused on the article he wrote for 3PL Perspectives’ January 2020 issue, “Keeping Your Eye on the Prize: What Formula One Can Teach Us About the RFP Process.”

In each episode, it is important for TIA to help inspire professional growth. Advancement is always something to work toward, and by listening-in, you can optimize your time by staying informed without becoming distracted.

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Neil Humphrey is the Marketing & Communications Manager at TIA. He can be reached at [email protected] 

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