The Importance of Political Action Committee Contributions from TIA Members

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the professional organization of the $214 billion third-party logistics (3PL) industry. Transportation intermediaries, or 3PL companies, act as the facilitators to arrange the efficient and economical movement of goods between cargo ships, airplanes, trucks, rail, warehouses and store shelves. TIA member companies serve tens of thousands of shippers and play a key role in domestic and international commerce.

As leader for the 3PL industry, we take the lead in advocating your point of views in the political arena to help effect public policy solutions. The mission of TIA’s Political Action Committee (TIAPAC) and Government Affairs Department is to identify issues of importance to the industry and then inform Members of Congress and Federal Agency officials to make sure that your point of view related to these issues is clearly understood. TIAPAC is an essential tool in achieving that mission.

TIAPAC is a bipartisan, political action committee which enables our members and their employees to have a voice with legislators who make laws and policy that have a direct impact on the way your company does business. Its purpose is to collect voluntary, personal contributions from eligible members and then use these funds to support candidates for federal office in accordance with applicable election laws.

The TIAPAC Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day management of the PAC, subject to the oversight and supervision of the TIA Board of Directors and TIA’s Executive Committee. The TIAPAC Board of Directors is responsible for personally reaching out to other TIA Members to fundraise and oversee the execution of PAC activities. The TIAPAC Board is also responsible for the solicitation of contributions and disbursement of funds consistent with state and federal laws. The disbursement of funds is based on a candidate’s leadership position, committee assignment and other factors in making contribution decisions. The TIAPAC does not contribute in primary races. 

Every cent you personally contribute to TIA’s PAC, is used only for political contributions, we do not use it for administrative or overhead costs.

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, participation in TIA’s political action committee is limited to:

•   U.S. Citizens or green card holders with permanent resident status and living in the United States.

•   The TIA primary member contact and the employees of their business. TIA must first receive permission from a member company’s primary contact prior to accepting or soliciting a PAC contribution. The “restricted class” of a member company is defined as “the company executives and administrative personnel or their families.” Executive and administrative personnel are paid a salary and have policy making, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities.

•   The TIA member company may not approve a solicitation by any other trade association if they sign the TIA authorization. Federal election law states that a corporate member company of a trade association can only give prior authorization to one trade association PAC per year. 

•   Individuals can give up to $5,000 annually to the TIAPAC.

Unfortunately, just visiting with Representatives is not enough. We need to participate in their fundraisers as well to help offset campaign costs. Each of us can support candidates who share similar views on the 3PL industry. Individual contributions to a candidate can only do so much, but there is a way to increase the impact of your contribution. You can join forces with your colleagues, the thousands of 3PLs who share your interests, to maximize the opportunities to support candidates who understand your profession and support your legislative goals.

This gives you a stronger voice in Washington. The PAC is the most effective tool to give you the opportunity to express your concerns and ideas. Your contribution assists the profession in keeping like-minded individuals who understand our issues in Washington, D.C. That’s why your voluntary donations to this bipartisan, political action committee matter so much. The TIAPAC enables TIA staff and our Members to formulate key relationships with Members of Congress and their staff. It is comparable to taking that extra step with a potential shipper customer or long-time customer.

It takes a lot of time, energy and capital to win that business or build that relationship, and the TIAPAC is no different. We need every Member’s buy-in and support.

When we go to Capitol Hill, we go on behalf of the entire membership. We prepare scorecards which list the TIA member companies each Representative has in their district and what these companies bring economically to the Representatives’ district. This is a very effective tool. Already in 2019, we have:

•   146 contributions from 114 unique donors representing 90 TIA Member companies;

•   22 new donors; and

•   An average contribution of more than $1,000.

These are great numbers for 2019, and are challenging all members of TIA to donate a minimum of $100 in 2019. TIA is even offering its members the opportunity to make a contribution in monthly installments over the course of the year.

To make your contribution, contact Chris Burroughs at 703-299-5705 or at [email protected], or text TIAPAC to 243725 and follow the simple online prompts.

TIA thanks you for your dedication to the 3PL industry and our efforts on Capitol Hill.