The Road to Success: TIA Delivers New Business Assessments

Andrew Gulovsen | Transportation Intermediaries Association

The first quarter of the year becomes a prime benchmark to understand the success of your strategic plan thus far. How did you do? Is your business on the right path to growth, or are you stuck in a similar malaise of previous years? While the metrics can be about overall revenue, achieving success is about more than money.


Having the right team in place plays a large role in determining if you’ll achieve the goals you’ve set. That’s why TIA has developed a new suite of assessments to ensure you can not only identify quality job candidates, but also ensure your existing team is operating at the top of their game.

The new assessments include the New Hire Assessment, Performance Predictor Assessment, and the Leadership Profile Assessment.

TIA New Hire Assessment: Whether hiring a new employee or engaging a new independent sales contractor (“Agent”), making the right decision is the critical first step. The TIA New Hire Assessment is an industry-specific tool to help you make the right decision, allowing you to review your candidates’ personalities, strengths, and communication dimensions in relation to ideal position proficiencies and determine the best fit in your company.

TIA Performance Predictor Assessment: For existing employees, it’s important to understand their performance potential and how to help them achieve it. The TIA Performance Predictor Assessment is an industry-specific tool, allowing you to review the personality, strengths, and communication dimensions of your employees and agents in relation to ideal position proficiencies and determine how best to help them succeed.

TIA Leadership Profile Assessment: As employees grow and develop, it’s important to identify the future leaders of your company. The TIA Leadership Profile Assessment helps you understand your current and emerging leaders in relation to entrepreneurial, leadership, and personality-style dimensions to help you help them best serve your business.

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Andrew Gulovsen is Director of Sales with Transportation Intermediaries Association.

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