TIA Watchdog: Your Resource to Avoid Bad Actors

Alicia Ruiz, CTB | Johanson Transportation Service

The unique role intermediaries play in the industry is vital to our shipping community. The help from TIA gives us not only credibility in the industry, but also provides tools that enable member-to-member communication. TIA Watchdog is a great example of networking together to build alliances between 3PLs, so we can better serve our customers. Created for members in 2005, TIA Watchdog was not used by our company initially. But as our business continued to grow, and with the ever-changing legal environment, we sought out resources such as TIA Watchdog. The tool became immediately effective, providing timely information which we would not have had access to otherwise.

ID: 178607258; MichaelJayBerlin/Shutterstock.comTIA Watchdog is critical to integrate in your carrier selection process. The tool provides a reporting feature where companies can report unfavorable and unresolved issues about a company with which they have worked. These reports and responses are then available for TIA members to view should they choose. The reporting system can be accessed through the TIA website directly and is offered by third-party TIA member companies as well.

TIA Watchdog is a single location for companies to gain insight on other companies’ load history behaviors. As a central platform for all TIA members, these reports offer information that may impact business decisions when selecting a company for future use. TIA systematically processes these reports, so both companies can provide information, respond quickly and remove those reports should the filing company and opposing company come to a resolution. The program provides a fair opportunity for all parties to report and respond to issues that arise.

My company finds TIA Watchdog a valuable tool that helps us minimize risk each day. It gives us the leverage to steer clear of bad actors in the industry and further investigate those with which we have concerns. The platform strengthens our communication with carriers by enabling us to discuss these reports about their past and understand both sides of the issue. We are confident that using this feature in operations has effectively decreased the probability of claims and losses.

With the TIA Watchdog program, you can search based on criteria that meet your immediate needs. It makes data quickly available, and, as a member, there are no restrictions to adding additional users. It doesn’t take long to familiarize yourself with the tool and become accustomed to using it within your operation. You can realize immediate gains in efficiency, stay informed and avoid costly claims. My company did, and we hate to think of the predicaments we may have found ourselves in had we not been using this tool.

Our industry thrives on technology, and sometimes simple communication is lost as automation increases. TIA has enabled its members to uniquely communicate, and, as a result, we all can use the information to be more productive in our day-to-day activities. If you aren’t using TIA Watchdog, I would recommend you consider taking another look at how it can benefit your company.

Alicia Ruiz, CTB, is Director of Compliance and Legal Affairs for Johanson Transportation Service in Fresno, CA. She can be reached at [email protected]