No One Loves 3PLs More Than TIA

Robert Voltmann
President & CEO
Transportation Intermediaries Association

In this issue of 3PL Perspectives, we look at the logistics of love. How our industry moves 110 million roses to market in a 3-day period and delivers 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate just in time for Valentine’s Day. Every single leg of that journey depends on a reliable supply chain, which is often taken for granted by consumers. But just imagine where you’d be without those tokens of love. Just in time on Valentine’s Day can mean the difference between sleeping under the covers or on the couch.

It’s a different kind of love, but no one loves 3PLs like TIA. We understand your challenges and value our trusted relationship with you. Since 1978, the Association has been the leader in developing training for you and your employees. In 2019, we will expand our training offerings and be able to provide direct business coaching services to help you jumpstart your business.

We are very excited to announce that TIA is partnering with TranStrategy Partners (TSP). For the past 15 years, TSP has offered business assessment tools, direct coaching and training resources. By combining our resources, we will be able to greatly expand how we help you.

The business of being a 3PL has changed during the past 40 years, and the pace of change will only increase from here. We can all use a little outside help now and then. We can all use a coach to help us see what we can’t see ourselves. TIA’s partnership with TSP will allow us to help you in new ways as you grow your business. Whether it’s through a company-wide assessment, the business accelerator programs, or new hire assessments, you’ll know that TIA stands behind them.

We are also developing a Learning Management System (LMS) service. This resource will allow you to have a co-branded LMS for your company. You will be able to manage the training and development of your employees and agents. We’ll help you keep your employees at the top of their game.

In 2019, we will introduce the TIA Logistics Academy. The Academy will offer intensive, high-level training for your rising stars and leadership team at TIA’s new training facility in Alexandria, VA.

We will also expand our benchmarking services, which will allow you to have regular insight as to where your company stands vis-à-vis your competitors, or to simply take a snapshot.

For 40 years, we’ve worked together to share ideas, information, and innovation. For 40 years, we’ve been helping the industry grow. The merger with TranStrategy Partners and the introduction of the TIA Leadership Academy, and the expansion of benchmarking will help you weather the next
40 years.