Innovation: Staying Ahead of the Tech Curve for 2019

Image courtesy of TIA

Jason Beardall, President, England Logistics, Inc., and Chairman,
TIA Board of Directors

TIA launched its first event devoted solely to navigating the ever-changing technology landscape for 3PLs. By all accounts, guests were thrilled to network with some of the brightest thought leaders and successful trend setters in the industry.

More than 200 professionals attended the sold out, two-day 3PL Technovations event, held in Tucson, AZ, November 6 – 7.  And most, if not all, are already signing up for next year.

“When I first heard about it a year ago, I was excited,” says Rick Halbrooks, Vice President of Sales for McLeod and one of the featured Technovators. “Brokers tend to be early adapters to all sorts of tech. This gave us a chance to show off our stuff. About half the group were IT people we hadn’t seen before and they became new prospects. The turnout was double what we expected.”

Jason Beardall, president of England Logistics and chairman of the TIA Board of Directors, was one of the keynote speakers, noted the need for forward thinking and described the event as “a great launch of a long-term technology strategy for TIA.”

Image courtesy of TIA

Ramona Hood,
Vice President of Operations, Strategy and Planning, FedEx Custom Critical and Member,
TIA Board of Directors

Wade Anderson, CIO of Bay and Bay Transportation, held his audience spellbound with a harrowing, firsthand account of a serious ransomware attack. The transportation industry, he said, “is definitely a target.”

Aside from the showcases, panels and vendor presentations, attendees were burning the night oil, excited about revolutionary opportunities in the tech space. “Late night discussions were exactly what many of us have been looking for,” said Steve Hankel, IT Project Manager for Johanson Transportation Service. “I shared and brought back a lot of ideas which will continue to help my company move forward.”

Knowing what technology tools are out there is the first step. Staying ahead of the curve in this competitive industry should be a strategic move for every 3PL. Recognizing technology advances gives you a leading edge. As keynote speaker Kurt Cavano put it, “You either ride the technology train or get run over by it.”

Make plans to join us for 2019 3PL Technovations, November 12-13 at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL.

This was a great launch of a long-term technology strategy for TIA!”

-Jason Beardall