Five Ways to Get Involved with TIA

Chris Burroughs  | Transportation Intermediaries Association

“Isn’t just being a TIA member enough?” or “I don’t have the time or the money to get involved.” These are common responses association members provide for not becoming more involved. Fortunately, TIA offers its members many opportunities to shape the direction of the Association and get the most out of their membership dollars.

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For those looking to become more involved, we’ve assembled the top five ways for you to get started:

Attend the TIA Capital Ideas Conference and/or 3PL Policy Forum

The TIA Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition is the premier event of the year and the only one designed just for 3PLs. By attending, you will be able to:

  • Take advantage of many networking opportunities with your industry peers
  • Learn from more than 100 educational and learning center sessions
  • Test drive the latest products for your business
  • Be part of the 3PL community and make lasting business and personal friendships

Additionally, TIA holds its annual 3PL Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. This day-and-a-half meeting brings TIA members to the nation’s capital in order to advocate on behalf of the 3PL industry. Building relationships with your senators and representatives enables you to communicate the importance of the industry and your business to their district and state.

Whether it’s the CTB, New Employee Orientation courses, or webinars to improve sales and customer service, TIA is dedicated to helping you achieve new milestones and financial success.

Take Advantage of TIA’s Education Programs

Whether you are a new business or an established business looking to learn something new, TIA is here to be your educational partner. TIA offers a variety of education courses and monthly webinars that will keep you and your employees abreast of the latest industry trends. Whether it’s the CTB, New Employee Orientation courses, or webinars to improve sales and customer service, TIA is dedicated to helping you achieve new milestones and financial success. TIA continues to build its database of experts and educational topics to meet our members’ needs. Taking advantage of education opportunities is the best way to maximize your investment in TIA.

Join a Conference or Committee

TIA’s conferences and committees guide the direction of the Association and they play an integral role in how TIA develops policy initiatives and strategies for important issues. TIA has a conference/committee for every facet of a 3PL operation covering such issues as technology, labor, training and education, membership, government freight, young executives and more.

Conference and committee members participate in conference calls, provide feedback to TIA staff and fellow TIA members on federal rulemakings and legislative initiatives, and assist in developing TIA’s industry frameworks. Participation is completely voluntary and open to all members. TIA understands that everyone has a job and a business to run, so members will never be removed for missing meetings. Any time and support you can lend only helps the Association. Lastly, TIA conferences and committees are a stepping stone to becoming a member of the TIA Board of Directors.

Participate in the TIA Market Report

The TIA 3PL Market Report is a quarterly comprehensive report on the trends and practices of the 3PL industry. The report is based on monthly data submissions from TIA members who provide current operating data, and answer questions on business conditions affecting the 3PL industry. By being part of the 3PL Market Report, companies can gauge their successes and pinpoint their potential shortcomings. The benefits of participating in the 3PL Market Report can include lower labor costs, improved quality of work and increased sales and profits.

Donate to TIAPAC

As a member of the 3PL community, you can take an active role in the political arena by helping shape effective public policy solutions. The mission of TIA’s political action committee and the government affairs team is to identify issues of concern for members and then educate members of Congress and federal agency officials on important policy concepts.

TIAPAC is an essential tool in achieving this mission. All personal donations are overseen by the TIAPAC Board of Directors, and 100 percent of the funds go towards supporting members of Congress who champion TIA’s policy objectives. A robust TIAPAC signifies to elected officials that its members are engaged and willing to go the extra mile to support them.

TIA is only as strong as its members and your involvement is necessary to keep us moving forward. TIA is your association. As TIA celebrates its 40th anniversary, now is the perfect time to get involved to ensure TIA is around for another 40 years. Contact TIA at        703- 299-5700 to learn how you become more engaged.

Chris Burroughs is Senior Director of Government Affairs with TIA. He may be reached at [email protected]